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16 March 1989
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liliheaderproper.png picture by LiahWoodskailover

The 40.5 Meme (in which Lili leaves some out :D;)
: English Lit. ICT. Japanese 
Birthday (Sign): March 16 (Pisces)
Blood type: Not sure >.>;;
Height: 170ish?
Dominant Hand: Lefty - but can use right too
Techniques: Being ill all the time? |D
Favourite Food: Spring rolls and chow mein *__*
Hobbies: Reading, Rping, Listening to music, watching various anime, trying to and failing to write
Family: Mother, Step-Dad, Grandparent's
Committee: I think I could be classified as library, considering I spend all my time there :D;
Best Subject: English Literature
Worst Subject: GEOGRAPHY |D
Often visited place in school/workplace: Library
Elementary School: Windhill Primary School [Arbourthorne Junior before that]
Uses allowance on: video games, guide books, food
Favorite Motto: "You could always die tomorrow, so live for the now."
Favorite types of movies: Romance *coughs*, fantasy
Favorite type of books: Fantasy
Favorite type of music: instrumental/classical, anime, r'n'b >.>; rock
Favorite colours: Black, red
Favorite type (of person): Someone who can make me laugh <3
Favorite date spot: Cinema >.>
Most wanted thing right now: A tattoo of a small star on my hand + ears pierced again |D
Daily Routine: Logging onto my laptop to check emails at 6am before school :D; (then logging on when i get in for like...ages XD)
Doesn't like/bad at doing: Bullies :/ and haha anything to do with knowing where places are |D
Special skill aside from tennis: I can analyse literature and pick out the main themes really easilly


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